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Each piece of SPIRITUAL BLING® / HEALING BLING® jewelry is not only a one-of-a-kind piece of art, but a powerful healing object as well. Allyson Rice is an energy healer, and works with each piece of jewelry in ceremony and prayer to instill a particular healing intent for the wearer of the jewelry, corresponding to the healing properties of the gemstones and the unique name and description given to the piece. The price includes the additional energy work that is done after the jewelry piece is initially completed, and again when Allyson knows who has bought the piece.

Do you need to be looking for healing, or need to have a certain set of spiritual beliefs to buy this jewelry? No. Some people buy it just because they like how it looks. You can choose your jewelry by the colors you are drawn to, the name of the piece, or the semi-precious gemstones that are contained within the jewelry. But let yourself be drawn to a piece of healing jewelry without thinking too much. Let your heart rather than your head be your guide, and you will find your perfect match. CLICK HERE to have a piece custom made for you or as a gift.

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Please make sure you also look on the ARCHIVE pages, as I can make

a piece of healing jewelry for you in a similar style if you’re interested. Or you can tell me what’s going on in your life, and then let go of expectation and trust Spirit to move through and to help create the perfect piece of Healing Jewelry just for you...

Spiritual Bling® / Healing Bling® Healing Jewelry is a wonderful “gift that keeps on giving”... order custom pieces early around holiday times!

For individually commissioned work:

Call for details 310-967-1336 or email  allyson@thetotalhuman.com

Allyson is also the Founder and Director of The Total Human,

running retreats and workshops throughout the country. Go to www.TheTotalHuman.com to check out those programs. And visit

www.WomensColoringBooks.com to see Allyson’s new coloring book for women called THE COLOR OF JOY!

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Spiritual Bling. Handmade Healing Jewelry for the spiritual seeker. Spiritual Bling, by The Total Human Retreats founder Allyson Rice Healing Bling, Handmade healing Jewelry is very special. Treat the pieces with care. They are powerful healing objects.Healing Jewelry is the gift that keeps on giving!

If I create from the heart,

nearly everything works;

if from the head,

almost nothing.

-- Marc Chagall --